Walter Griot

Berlin-based Walter Griot has through his use of African themed rhythms slowly paved a new wave of House & Techno fans in the capital art city of Europe – Berlin. Having root stems in Senegal, and touring experience all over his other native: Germany. This multicultural DJ has developed an innate sense of moving the crowds through his innovative take on House and Techno beats.

Walter Griot grew up in 80s Berlin in a rather progressive Senegalese Griot family (Griot = Traditional West African drummer). He was therefore from an early age exposed to various African percussion instruments like the Djembe & Sabar drums, the Kora and the Balafon. Moreover, with a father listed as a resident DJ in the 80s Berghain equivalent,“Dschungel” club, electronic beats were also common sounds played in the household. These sounds together with various other musical elements from Africa and the African diaspora are the foundation of his production and DJ sets. Already in 2013 he started his first parties in Berlin strictly dedicated to African House music and was therefore one of the very first DJs who brought Afro House music to the Berlin nightlife scene.

His knowledge of the new emerging sound quickly made rounds and he was more and more invited to play at events such as Fusion Festival and to various cities throughout Europe and later also Africa.

In 2017 he joined the RISE crew together with Hyenah, Floyd Lavine, Dede, Minco and Jamiie playing now monthly at Watergate and at RISE showcases around the world.