Ras Moses

Moses is an international Deejay based in IBIZA (SPAIN). Afro Italian, born in Thies Senegal and raised in Verona (IT) in 1987. He is a self-taught artist of underground music and more sought and niche genres.Well-known as resident deejay, artist & promoter of World famous clubs in Ibiza likeSANKEYS IBIZA, HEART IBIZA, AMNESIA IBIZA, THE ZOO PROJECT. He is also thepromoter of various beneficial events in ibiza, like WOW IBIZA at MAYA BEACH CLUB & ARTKLAB. Thanks to the passion of his father Gana as a music collector and his uncle Khassim
Mbaye, (well-known African artist and painter in Senegal and Italy) Moses was always surrounded by high quality music & Art. From the break beat, R & B, Afro, Funk, Reggae, Dub, through all aspects of House & Techno, no genre resists his talent, electronics twists and analog elements to achieve an unmistakable sound. His extensive knowledge and experience as a music collector, and the good taste he applies in his Dj sets are a characteristic that has taken him to play and perform in several prestigious clubs in Ibiza like HOTEL PIKES,CAFE DEL MAR, EDEN IBIZA, THE ZOO PROJECT, B12, BORA BORA, EL PATIO, ES PARADISE, DELANO, VETO, TANTRA & ELROW at SPACE IBIZA & AMNESIA, plus many more amazing club from all over the World, like; PIPER, ALTEREGO, PALLADIUM… in Italy; SANKEYS MANCHESTER, SOUP, GORILLAZ in England, THE ROCKS Zanzibar, LANNA Spain, GARABATO Rep. Dominicana , CHOPERIA Mexico… just to name a few… His first experience as Deejay resident in Africa was in the summer 2014 when he was hired as the main dj of the largest Full Moon Party in East Africa at Kendwa Rocks Zanzibar North. This experience has consolidated its style by reaching its cultural and musical baggage. Ras Moses is the result of the union of different cultures, You can notice Its particular fusion underground style of his dj set and productions, Active as a music producer and general partner of the record label Knostra Music, in 2017 Moses came out with his first KNOSTRA VARIUS ARTIST LP (OPERA) who entered directly into the top 100 minimal/tek charts on Beatport. Silently but effective, as in his style. Moses is composing and producing songs and videos that are the reflection of the World in which he lives, sometimes very provocative but always defending those who have no voice. My main goal is not to become a famous and commercial Deejay but to be an ambassador of peace and respect in the World through my music.